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🇰🇷 today i wrote up some notes on learning how to read and write korean via hangul, the korean alphabet 🇰🇷


does anyone have recommendations for how they downsize or optimize images on their wiki/site? i'd like to run all images through a downscaling and maybe dithering script before linking? not sure what other people do / use, and while i'm tempted to write my own approach, i wanna learn more first

today we made kimchi! 김치

ㄱ K


"A wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days."

ok so maybe it'll take me a couple of weeks 😝

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just decided today that i'm gonna learn how to read korean! such a cool script. i love that it was created to improve literacy and was once called the "morning script" because people could learn to read an write in a SINGLE morning. hell yeah

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Asking for help, financial aid 

Hey everyone. I'm currently financially in a bad situation. Lockdown is back, I have no money, I'm disabled and I can't buy food. If you could help, don't feel obliged to, but any help is welcome. Thank you, boosts appreciated.

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Rest in peace. I just rewatched millennium actress and feel inspired to rewatch some other kon animes. What a fabulous director and artist 🌿

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whatchamacallit levels are 51% and rising

(51%) ■■■■■□□□□□

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Finished a really intense and anxiety-inducing track for my band blood and dust yesterday

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today i finished writing my rss feed generator in nim for my wiki. its kinda cool to see that rss still feels valuable and relevant after all these years... also it was really easy to write in !

i was explaining rss to a friend, and he was like, it sounds like you're just trying to re-create social media. i thought it was funny, because before centralized platforms like fb etc, things like rss and personal websites *were* the social parts of the web

got a vegan japanese cook book. the author wasn't japanese but seems self aware and the photos are inspiring to cook! we'll see if the recipes are any good 🌿

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