@neauoire wanted to thank you for creating Left, been using it a lot lately and it’s super good.

It’s my hope whatever depressive episode I found myself lost in has finally lapsed β€” if only for a bit.

Any folk here do book binding? More specifically, Coptic binding? Even more specifically, for personal notebooks or sketchbooks? No particular needs/wants, just putting out feelers.

Modeled a mysterious device using an early version of MagicaCGS, a new SDF modeler and renderer from the individual responsible for MagicaVoxel. Working with SDF is very fast and a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see where the program goes.

I sometimes cross-post stuff both here and Twitter. I try to make the content different. I just can’t help but share my plants in both places because they cheer me up and are entrancing.

Still going, what a show off! They’re kind of pretty now. I haven’t looked up this particular plant yet.

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Balancing in my head whether to just deal with jackyll and GitHub Pages for a simple portfolio or go all the way, rent a cloud server again, and stumble over myself setting up the personal wiki I’ve wanted to put together in some form since I first saw Devine’s mastersite.


Thought this would be the perfect place to ask: Does anyone know a simple and quick recipe for ego death? Hit me up, thanks!

If I met God I would thank them for mushrooms which are amazing and delicious.

I spend a lot of time just staring at these plants grow. They’ve come so far already, it makes me happy.

Been sketching these little characters. They are nothing special, but are enjoyable to practice with and take my mind off being less helpful and productive than I’d like lately.

Plant update, herbs still herbing. The cilantro was showing signs of not getting enough sun (etiolation) but rearranging the lights seem to have already made a difference. Bit messy right now.

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