Been sketching these little characters. They are nothing special, but are enjoyable to practice with and take my mind off being less helpful and productive than I’d like lately.

Plant update, herbs still herbing. The cilantro was showing signs of not getting enough sun (etiolation) but rearranging the lights seem to have already made a difference. Bit messy right now.

I’m considering saving for a bike. Don’t know anything about bikes. What should I be looking for if I need something to ably traverse mostly crappy paved roads and dodgy sidewalks with some mild hills?

Newest addition to the garden band. May not be an herb, but it was free and needed a home. I think it will make a great comrade.

The cilantro has finally decided to make a grand appearance. It’s planted alongside the basil, supposedly these two plants can be buddies. My chives seemed to have germinated better than any other plant and are quickly ascending.

Still waiting on the peppermint, which I expected to be flourishing by now given mint’s reputation for resilience. Maybe a bad batch or too much water? Hoping not.

@Preston @neauoire Let us not forget the majestic zeppelin train either, which was too intimidating, dangerous, and loud for passengers and eventually melted for the war effort. Still, supposedly held the highest speed record for 20 years.

The entire process of creating specialized CVs, portfolios, and cover letters just to sell myself to employers I can only hope both chooses me over countless no doubt more deserving, talented people and will still likely utilize me as a glorified contract worker is a tremendously demeaning and dreadful exercise even if it is a relative privilege compared to many alternatives.

These are actually sprouting early. They should take around 10 days and it has definitely been less. I’m glad the oregano has sprouted because I believe it requires being closer to the surface and light to do so which means my cheap LED lamps are actually working.

I also planted cilantro, basil, and peppermint just for tea. I’m deathly afraid that peppermint will take over the other pots eventually. Fortunately or not, it hasn’t started sprouting yet.

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My indoor thyme and oregano has begun sprouting just by artificial light. I also see sprouts of chives forming. I’m so excited!

This seems like a good place to ask: Does anyone here know of a good freely available guide to growing and maintaining mushrooms? I found some reading material on the subject, but wanted to ask here for advice on growing common Button Mushrooms, Shiitake, or Porcini. Nothing too fancy or psychedelic. Thank you. :mac:

β€œWe have uniquely designed this product for your lifestyle, to express who you are, and to accomplish your dreams.”

*unveils featureless black rectangle*

Chisai is now available for everyone! πŸ”₯

It's a microsite generator, editable and hosted on github. Everything is pre-configured and it's easy to customize the content. :cooldog:

Guide/How to:

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