@Preston @neauoire Let us not forget the majestic zeppelin train either, which was too intimidating, dangerous, and loud for passengers and eventually melted for the war effort. Still, supposedly held the highest speed record for 20 years.

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@metkis @Preston @neauoire holding the speed record isn't that big of a challenge with the tracks ruined at the end of war

@uint8_t @Preston @neauoire It was still 220 km/h! Most the trains in US right now probably run less than 180 km/h. Not that the US is a great benchmark for train infrastructure.

@metkis @Preston @neauoire didn know it existed. And now I'm blowned away. Uau 🀩
Stunning machine, never heard of it before but did a quick readup.
Looks like a modern ICE and is about as fast

@Preston @neauoire

@metkis @neauoire @Preston whoa….. got a link about this before i go looking? holy cow.

@ringo @neauoire @Preston There’s an episode of the β€˜Well There’s Your Problem’ engineering podcast where I first learned about it and became enamored by the design. I’m sure there are more scholarly resources available around it, though.

@neauoire @metkis @Preston i found some real neat photos and a few pictures of that, but more importantly of some GLORIOUS rail car engines of the past here: ~~ check these out… :-D really makes me wonder why we all ended up in cars, I’d much rather do this than drive..

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