Not usually a fan of self-designated occupations, but I do love the word "developer". It connotes so much about the intention of the process.

Development encompasses recognizing, processing, improving, and utilizing elements and ideas to create a new, more realized state of something.

That's actually an incredibly deliberate specialization that could be applied to far more use-cases than the typical software or construction.

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I also find it fascinating that development and real estate are so intertwined in lexicon (eg. windows, home pages, mailboxes, etc.) It's sort of simultaneously funny and obnoxious to think of software as houses one builds and lives within, especially as that translates to the ways housing and software have grown to be commoditized now.

This is all a roundabout way to say that companies like Adobe are just the software equivalent of a shitty landlord now.

@neauoire Nope, not at all -- you have an impeccable memory for these things. Thanks for the link.

@metkis And just like said landlord they do everything possible to minimise upgrades and repairs.

Meanwhile over in FOSS town things just keep getting better and better.

@neauoire I mean using job titles as a primary descriptor of oneself. For instance, writing "graphic designer" in one's own bio.

I generally prefer to skew away from that practice even if it is often useful, and I still practice it -- like on birdsite.

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