Anyone here have experience designing and selling enamel pins + knows a reliable place to order them from? I would enjoy looking into it and learning to do so, even if I just ended up with a bunch of silly pins to give away.

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@metkis gosh my mom used to do enamel. i don’t know about designing and selling them, but i know that making them by hand is a whole fucking thing involving a kiln

@zens That's brave! I don't think I'll be hand-making them; too difficult for me.

@zens Yeah, that's what I'm asking about. I'm not sure of a reliable service that can help with the manufacture side.

@metkis passing along advice I got from Jonathan Sims who has made some beautiful pins:

@metkis β€œSo I mostly just looked at other template references and then built a template from scratch based on my designs.Β  It's attached. It's absolutely crucial that it is a vector file. You also will need to figure out the pantone colors, and choose which type of metal you want.

My reference info is probably a lot more than in necessary, but I wanted to put together something really solid that I could send out to a bunch of companies.”

β€œ I went with Pinpoint [seems to be closed now]

The next best option would have been Pin Game Strong.Β andΒ andΒ are also worth looking at.”

@metkis this is from a chat in 2016, but I hope still useful! Good luck!

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