It is frustrating that the only upward momentum in many design careers is towards taking on a form of people management.

You find something you are proficient at and enjoy doing, yet somehow the logical way to “advance your career” is to phase out the parts you enjoy in favor of guiding other people to do it.

Very silly.

@metkis I was just talking to a friend about this last week

@metkis Yeah. In this case though it happened to a friend of mine who is in IT.

He's *really* good at what he was doing and they moved him up to a management position and he hates it.

@megabyteGhost Ahh! Yeah. That's tough. Definitely smart to pay a competent, experienced, and valuable employee more to be a newly disgruntled manager.

@metkis @megabyteGhost there’s a common term for this, the “Peter principle”, if you haven’t heard of it. basically ppl will be promoted until they’re doing something they aren’t competent at, or don’t enjoy doing etc.

@metkis this irks me to no end. and the general public's reaction to this opinion is always such bewilderment. similar parallels to when you tell people "i have no desire to be a landlord"

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