Biking afficionado, can you tell from this pic what style of freewheel removal tool I need for this hub? Pardon the grime, it’s a fixer-upper.

It took me just a moment to hunt down the source, but this work is by artist Carson Ellis, who has some amazing talent and deserves the recognition I failed to give them in my initial post. Please check out their website for more wonderful things.

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Roasted red potatoes with peppers, onion, and of course mushrooms. I also made kale gnocchi, but let's just say it's not very photogenic.

Thrift finds. I like to collect the cool copies of Alice in Wonderland that I can (Along with Through The Looking Glass) because it is a favorite childhood novel of mine. I also found a decent hardbound copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

I scored a Praktica MTL3 film camera for free. All the individual parts work, but something isn’t quite right between the shutter mechanism, shutter button, and film advance lever.

I have hopes it can be repaired with some effort and research. I can also print a converter for the lens and try it on my DSLR for fun.

Seeing @neauoire's posts about reference cards for computer languages had me interested in how the first GUIs were taught to users, so I looked up the original Macintosh manual for fun.

There are interesting bits of writing and graphics that cover how a document might contain more information than you see on-screen and could need to be scrolled and another fundamental bit about how memory, saving, and loading work.

I am finally able to reach Merveilles from Mount Manjaro after some extreme persistence in the fight to get my wireless dongle drivers working, an intense theming session for KDE Plasma, and navigating what exactly AUR is.

I've been toying with some film emulation presets made for Darktable by JoΓ£o Pedro Almeida.

I'm still lost on what I like from the color and color negative presets, but have taken quite a fondness to AGFA APX 100. Enough that I'd probably try it if I ever picked up a film camera.

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