@oppen Whoa! I’m currently working on getting an old Fuji converted to fixie, but I also have a mountain bike found on the side of the road. Its rear wheel hub is no good for my original plans, but this inspires looking into a rear-wheel electric conversion kit eventually. Sweet bucket seat.

@metkis @megabyteGhost there’s a common term for this, the β€œPeter principle”, if you haven’t heard of it. basically ppl will be promoted until they’re doing something they aren’t competent at, or don’t enjoy doing etc. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_pr

@megabyteGhost Ahh! Yeah. That's tough. Definitely smart to pay a competent, experienced, and valuable employee more to be a newly disgruntled manager.

It is frustrating that the only upward momentum in many design careers is towards taking on a form of people management.

You find something you are proficient at and enjoy doing, yet somehow the logical way to β€œadvance your career” is to phase out the parts you enjoy in favor of guiding other people to do it.

Very silly.

@neauoire You did mention you didn't get enough exercise on the boat, I suppose that would do it.

@neauoire What is the backup plan if the 2 remaining batteries fail? It sounds like the 4 afforded you some clearance you might not have with the 2. The total power might not have been necessary, but is the redundancy? Also, does it worry you that it diminish/degrade the existing batteries faster?

@zens Yeah, that's what I'm asking about. I'm not sure of a reliable service that can help with the manufacture side.

@zens That's brave! I don't think I'll be hand-making them; too difficult for me.

Anyone here have experience designing and selling enamel pins + knows a reliable place to order them from? I would enjoy looking into it and learning to do so, even if I just ended up with a bunch of silly pins to give away.

Saw these wild yellow (Iris I think) growing in marshland along a pond today.

I do some amateur photography as a hobby, and thought I'd share some photos from time to time. These were taken from two trips this month: Cape Disappointment and Olympic National Park.

I anticipate spending a LOT more time in the National Park.

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