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@metkis Thanks for providing the source, I just bought the print! Here's the link, part of proceeds go to a trans charity.


Biking afficionado, can you tell from this pic what style of freewheel removal tool I need for this hub? Pardon the grime, it’s a fixer-upper.

I wrote my first bash exec a day or two ago. I know, pitiful, but as a lifelong Windows user I consider it a success for me.

I still haven’t quite mastered how Zola’s systems work together, particularly when and why certain parts get access to certain variables while others don’t even if it would make it much more flexible. It’s definitely a fast and lean SSG, though. I hope the development continues. I have even considered learning some Rust just tweak it a bit.

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I’m pondering writing an electron app as a GUI for my Zola static site stuff so I could manage and write posts in markdown, easily attach images, or other data right in one place, and they’d get parsed, then copied to the right directories (and pushed to git).

Thing is, it would be nice to be modular so other people could use it too; however, Zola is built not to assume a particular layout, which means the app would have to be designed to not assume a particular layout, and that is.. tougher.

It's been a while I haven't made an update about there's been some organic interest from stockists and it is now available at Librairie 1909 ( in Paris and Haus Nostromo in Germany ( I'll take some time to contact other little libraries in the coming week and find new homes for the remaining of the copies. After that It'll be time to start planning the next issue!

I'm surprised at the amount of software available on Arch through pacman (w/Flatpak) and AUR. I had thought I might need to fallback on an Ubuntu or Debian-based distribution, but most of the things I need or want are there. Kind of impressive.

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I'm coming around to Manjaro. Getting hardware acceleration working in Firefox was.. helpful. I find the package manager slow. I understand it has to build packages as well as install. Gotta say, it's useful, though. I was having some freezing when my computer woke from sleep/hibernate, but something solved that. I'm not sure what. I must still rely on Adobe software, so it won't likely be my daily driver, bit it's definitely a fascination.

It would be fun to have a merveilles sticker pack, just a collection of designs from a bunch of members that maybe generally goes to support something. Or like, a starter pack with sustainable living tips and goodies. Maybe getting a bit too self-aware, but might be neat as a community project.

The hardware of today is incredible. The innovation major companies have been capable of with their supply chains, advanced research, and immense talent is close to magical. Then you use these seemingly physics-defying marvels of engineering to run the absolute crappiest, unreliable, and contrived mainstream software ever conceived.

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