apparmor seems to possibly be capable? but there's kernel nonsense involved and if you're not using systemd you're screwed. this is dumb

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i've never really thought about this -- application level firewalls should be a part of the operating system before even installing software. every application should have general or specified network rules(aside from filesystem rules and whatnot). i don't understand how this isn't implemented in linux and it looks as though there's only two applications that can do it (both failed install on arch linux)

honestly got a thing for shitty font rendering

gobo linux looks wonderful! maybe one day i won't need the AUR

becoming a tiling window manager guy again

this is of course excluding the pretty interesting communities that have popped up around it

it is times like these i wish i was a nomadic boat owner :\ probably all other times too but

words are great by the way. recommend reading a lot of words every day from people you dont know.

have i maxed out my minimalism by not having a website?

tried making another profile pic bc im already tired of this one, but this came out

totally misaligned by a few pixels. forget about it

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where do you go for your photography fix?

When you first install arch linux, everything just werks. Then you update.

how long until i get banned from merveilles for colorposting?

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Here are the two images mentioned above, both owned by Microsoft and taken by photographer Charles O'Rear and available as backgrounds on Windows XP.

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