Btw wireguard is a wonderful VPN server/client with same configuration.

Trying to get a planet in urbit soon.. buying crypto(specifically eth) is providing difficulty

I figured android owners probably already knew they could do this.

Fun fact, iPhones support a greyscale screen filter that not only makes everything look more unified, also removes your brain’s responses to color in social media. Up to you if that’s a benefit.

Good responses all in all, but as I’m looking for a somewhat robust but unusual PIM I will probably just set up an encrypted file system with a web front end or similar. To explain further, this is for sensitive documents/info I need to store long term.

Ugh some software you cavemen! My hand cramps up when I write.

What’s your choice for storing / organizing information? Most software looks to be closed source and old.

+ USB boot is disabled by default.... very annoying choices to me.

Why couldn’t they just give it a single standard HDMI port? Nobody has mini-HDMI cables and I think very few people want to run dual displays on a rasbpi

Pretty annoyed the rasbpi uses SD cards for local storage. Didn’t consider I’d need an adapter just to get logged into the thing, but SSH is disabled and there’s no local console line.

are there any replacements for TCP/IP in the works out there?

I like the direction is going, hopefully more communities pop up there and it can possibly replace

anyone here considered creating a matrix server?

too bad i'm using WINDOWS and can't COMPILE IT

"who needs syntax highlighting when this fine piece of work purrs and shows that these fangs got all kinds of shades of visceral strewn around, yet in finite enough of quantities to forbid you from not appreciating its scarcity, elevating it from a mere editor to a sublime Rothko, while emacs sinks in it's kitschy aesthetics, no matter how hard the themes try to salvage that bloated-out-of-proportions Titanic..."

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