What’s your choice for storing / organizing information? Most software looks to be closed source and old.

Ugh some software you cavemen! My hand cramps up when I write.

Good responses all in all, but as I’m looking for a somewhat robust but unusual PIM I will probably just set up an encrypted file system with a web front end or similar. To explain further, this is for sensitive documents/info I need to store long term.

@mfro if you're @neauoire you just put your entire brain on github

@neauoire how do you organize it? I would like this but I feel it wouldn’t be organized the way I like — not to mention I have images to store

@neauoire ah right, I see. As I’m essentially looking to setup more of a personal sensitive documents database, this doesn’t quite cut it. I’m likely just going to have a filesystem with a frontend i cobble together, lol

@mfro Plaintext notes that [[hyperlink]] between one another - no images yet. I used / before but now I use my own

@mfro is encrypted and based on plaintext. Open source as well۔ it is cloud based though

@aadil @mfro I had looked at this a while ago. looks really nice, you know anyone else who has tried hosting it?

@liaizon @mfro don't know anyone who's hosted it. Just the person who runs the service (it's a one man operation)

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