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Hello! We're looking for a "type-cooker"-like prompt generation tool that we once saw and that was more focused on lettering, does it ring a bell to anyone? #help #lettering #typecooker

Alternatives to Birkenstock Arizona (for indoor use)?

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If you’re setting up your own fediverse presence at your own domain, don’t make the same mistake I did and call it mastodon.my.domain. Give it a generic name like social.my.domain, activity.my.domain, fedi.my.domain or something similar. You don’t want to tie an endpoint for an open protocol to a single implementation or perpetuate the myth that #Mastodon is the #fediverse.

(Yes, you can migrate to a different subdomain later but it’s not a one-click process.)

#fediTips #instance #admin

A friend is asking me: which is the best iOS ad blocker (content blocker?) that blocks ads and trackers in Safari. I have no idea. Can you help? Is there anything FOSS?

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Waaa we're so close with the GPU drivers!!!!

Yesterday I added occlusion query support (4 line of code change to the kernel driver, but Alyssa was asking me for it ^^) and the only major thing left is working out the power calculations and debugging clustering!!! ✨✨

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✨ KDE runs on the Apple M2!!!! ✨

With full GPU acceleration! 🚀🚀
Running Xonotic, glmark2, and eglgears at the same time!!

My 🦀 Linux kernel driver now supports the M2!! And it works out of the box with @alyssa's Mesa driver, no userspace changes needed~!!

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⬆ A curated selection of music for listening and dancing in closed spaces.

My home feed on merveilles.town hasn't updated in over 14 hours. I'd say this qualifies as a feature, rather than a bug. 🙂

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security-bros be like:
on one hand, meeting family is a good opportunity for key signing
on the other hand, having a family is attack surface
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Anybody here with some experience in making Windows XP hibernate in qemu?

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I've tried avoiding talking about #Tumblr directly (though there was far less reason to do so, before recently).

Making any project a foil to another existing work will always define it in terms of that other work and, I think, comes off as a waste of everyone else's time.

But I've been seeing a lot of excitement around Tumblr adding #ActivityPub and it has me…Concerned™.

Not due to the size of an instance this would add to the network (though it's a fair concern) nor due to possibly making

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Every time I fantasize about salvaging and using old computers I go through the same thought process that ends with: I have two RPi 4 and they're probably faster and significantly less power hungry.

Archaeoacoustics is a sub-field of archaeology and acoustics which studies the relationship between people and sound throughout history.


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