For anyone that does research by searching the internet for images... Have you noticed the the web of images is drying up?

These days everything goes to Instagram, which is the text book definition of a walled garden. Without an account you can't see anything.

What I usually find when searching are old pictures on Flickr or some blog that was abandoned in 2010. I'd say 80% of the hits I get is from the pre-Insta era.

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People spend a lot of time of complaining about Facebook (the (dis)service), but of all big tech social media out there, I think Instagram is #1 on my shitlist.

@mikael yea at least I can view Facebook posts without signing in.

@mikael I mostly get title card of YouTube videos.... :/

@narF Oh, almost forgot the dreaded YT stills. Thanks for the reminder.

@mikael I'm sure you would have preferred NOT to be reminded of that!! 😆

@narF @mikael hard agree on both of those. Also I used to get a lot of Pinterest, but maybe that's not as dominant as it once was.

@car @mikael I'm sure Google dropped their rankings when they notice that people were tired of being asked to create a Pinterest account.

@car @mikael which brings us back to Instagram, who do exactly the same!

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