Have been a musician for most of my life and a computer tinkerer for all of it. I'm currently rediscovering my long-neglected love of all kinds of technology alongside my desire to live with less.

Great to be here, and super excited to see all the inspiration here in town 🙏

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@milofultz welcome! 👋🏾😁
i i checked out your website and its cool, i just finished Algorithms to Live By as well what do you think of it?

@aynish thank you! Glad to be here.

So far I really dig it. I’m such a sucker for self help stuff but also like that they say often “there’s not a perfect way to do this”. Makes me feel more comfortable making it up as I go along hahaha

@milofultz hahahaha! yeah me too! im a sicker for selfhelp stuff, probs why I'm so interested in philosophy.

seeing this algorithms applied to things outside of cs broadened my appreciation for them and taught me to apply tools in ways they may not necessarily be built for

@aynish Yeah, that's what I like, too. It's easy for me to get bound by sort of arbitrary restrictions and bokos like this really help me see that there is really a small pool of stuff and endless possibility

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