Impeccable timing, the battery on my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) is in need of service and this probably means that I should get some kind of backup comp and would love to get into some flavor of Linux.

What has been Merveilles' experiences with particularly audio editing with Linux? I'm hoping to grab something that can run a basic DAW with around 5-6 tracks max and aroun5-7 plugins on each track without completely slowing down.

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@milofultz I went down that path as an exploratory adventure — found that alsa et. al added latency that was hard to overcome for anything live.

I’m sure by now there’s something that handles audio at low latency but I wound up doing Windows to handle it.

I had a two input USB mixer, I was able to use software guitar effects on Windows and it was nice.

Interested to hear other responses!

@chotrin thanks for sharing! Still have fingers crossed I can run farther towards open source and away from the big bois

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