@neauoire Okay, definitely hearing the siren song of math again after trying out this alternative multiplication method. S/O to @ColinTheMathmo for his rad write up on it, too! It helped a lot in grokking the how behind this.

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@neauoire I saw that last night way too late and was not ready for it hahahaha. But it is RIGHT up my alley

@neauoire okay wow this alternative math shit is crazy. Just tried the sticks and it makes so much sense

@neauoire There's a good chance I've seen it, but I don't know it by that name. Do you hav a link?

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@milofultz Ah, that one. I have problems with that one. It's reasonable for having another visualisation for how things work, but hopeless to use "in anger".

If your digits are large, and you have more than just two in each multiplicand, it's just hopeless.

But nice to see what's happening. Sort of.

CC: @neauoire

@neauoire Exactly. In that case it's not even very enlightening, although it does serve as motivation for the more efficient methods.

The great things about Peasant Multiplication is that it works in any ring, not just the integers, and even in other structures that aren't really rings.

CC: @milofultz

I like how it explains *why* it works, something I'm often missing on these examples of alternative calculation methods.
@neauoire @ColinTheMathmo

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