finally something in the right direction for laptops

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@milofultz I would absolutely buy one of these if I intended to have a laptop. Unfortunately, I currently have laptop-free plans.

@milofultz Well... s/laptops/(w)intel laptops/
There are plenty of ARM laptops that are more open. Based on some quick forum browsing, it looks like Framework still hasn't even released board schematics.

@csepp Can you point me towards some of the others? This is the first I've heard of laptops aiming specifically for user replacement, but I would LOVE to be wrong

@milofultz MNT Reform is the most obvious one. It was designed to let you replace even the SoC board, even for a different ISA, with eventual RISC-V support being an explicit goal. Or you could even use an FPGA.

Pine64 hardware also seems rather serviceable, here is their list of laptop spare parts:

@milofultz The MNT Reform even comes with source code for all its hardware available on the device, plus a cool printed owner's manual, like old computers used to have.

@milofultz Hmm, this is a nice demo though:

The swappable ports are a cool concept, although it probably complicates thing a bit compared to just having enough of the usual ports.

@milofultz this is a really nice looking laptop I just wish it was a bit more open hardware and transparent. The REFORM is really killing it on that front.

@liaizon Yeah I'm curious to see if they move more in that direction. Would be cool!

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