Finally made a wiki of all the programming things I've been learning over the last year using a Python script I made to build it. Plus I got a dumb domain name to go with it

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@milofultz Hey Milo! You're the Milo who is friends with Dario and who I've interacted occasionally right? I never expect to find someone I actually know on the fediverse...

(By the way, my last name used to be Evans, if you're having trouble placing Evanstein)

@MarcatoMarc LOOOOOOOL yes that's me! small world, man, how are you? It's been a loooong time

@milofultz yeah, no kidding! Doing well. My wife and I are actually moving up to near Portland, because she got a job at Linfield university. Is that still where you're at?

@milofultz also, didn't realize you'd gotten into coding so much. You might find these libraries I built for composing in Python interesting:

@MarcatoMarc right on! I'm in Pasadena now, but will be in PDX around August time, I'll let you know

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