Aside from the UI being subpar, why do people not like git? Honest question, as I have no experience with Fossil or SVN, etc.

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@milofultz the UI? git doesn't have UI, you mean the API is subpar?

@metasyn @milofultz
me: excited to learn about git gui

[neauoire@ayatori uxn]$ git gui
/usr/lib/git-core/git-gui: line 10: exec: wish: not found


@neauoire @metasyn

$ git gui
git: 'gui' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.


@neauoire by UI in this instance, I think I meant UX in terms of ease of understanding and translating "I want to do X" => intuitively figuring it out, my b

@milofultz I know two kinds of people who are not big fans of git: people who use something a bit newer like mercurial and people who have not spent any time learning how to use git and just think it should know how to automatically save everything they've ever done without any additional guidance. The vast majority of devs I know are very grateful for git.

@jcmorrow Maybe I just need to find more people who use[d] mecurial/fossil/svn/etc. I have yet to find one in the wild, as it seems like git is just de facto standard due to it being pre-installed on most *nix machines.

@milofultz Yeah, I think the differences are pretty minor tbh. I have spoken with some big mercurial fans and while they really liked it, I don't think anyone was positing it as a revolutionary change. I've never met anyone who liked working with svn, and I know nothing of fossil though. I guess maybe this speaks to how dominant git is in the web industry.

@xj9 From what I can tell, git is the (AFAIK) most used VCS due to ease of availability (pre installed on most dev systems) and that it has been around for a while and is already in use at the company they joined.

I don't think anybody uses git because they shopped around all the VCS's and said "yeah, git is best", but if someone *did* do that, I want to know why

@xj9 Do you have experience with git? If so, what have you noticed in using both of them? Any gripes?

@milofultz I've run into a couple of types of git-distaste in my day:

- Those who wish git worked more like dropbox/time machine (no commits I guess?)
- Those who wish git worked more like svn (no decentralization / push-pull stuff I guess?)
- Those who think git==github and therefore know as much of git's CLI as GitHub's beginner's guide exposes, and (perhaps rightfully) get frustrated when something blows up and suddenly the learning curve is a straight vertical line


The last subtype is the one I fall into: regardless of skill level or understanding of the underlying mechanisms, those who would rather the CLI were a bit more discoverable and/or didn't rely on sheer memorization.

I find its CLI extremely painful to teach, but decided to embrace and learn it deeply at least for my own sake: it's not like I get to avoid it as a developer anyway, may as well learn how to rescue my stuff when a rebase goes sideways.

Much power, much responsibility.

@klardotsh Yeah, I think I am there, too. I was told my by CS buddies early that I should actually understand git, instead of just know the 3 commands you use all of the time for exactly that reason.

I like what you said about wishing it were more discoverable, as I think that is git's biggest weakness. The only way to find your way out of a hole oftentimes is find someone else who was in the same hole and find what they did, not reading the documentation.

@milofultz It's really just not liking the UI, or not liking Torvalds, in my experience. Fossil seems interesting, aside from that not-able-to-rewrite-history bit I have been hearing about lately.

SVN is terrible: you /have/ to be connected to the remote to use it at all, and branching is incredibly slow and space-intensive, so the only usable workflow is truck-based development, which I personally hate. They used SVN at my first job, and people were always losing code and time because of that style. Thankfully it was a small shop, and I was hired directly out of college to be their "devops" department, so I convinced everyone to make the switch to git.

@11backslashes Yikes, did not know that about SVN. Good to know so I can proceed with caution

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