Is there a way to generate passwords that:

* can be generated with the same result, given a reasonable amount of time, by a human with pen and paper,
* is easy enough to remember the formula if no access to hashing functions,
* and has enough entropy to reasonably resist brute force attacks


Remembered somebody who lost access to all their accounts after losing their entry to their pw manager, and saw this repo ( to generate passwords without storage and was wondering about going one step further to remove the computer altogether.

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If to a computer, a generated password from a well-made human algorithm is more or less as random as a pseudo-random series of characters, then it seems that the key to maintaining the security is never letting the actual algorithm leave your brain.

Like the benefit of a human algorithm is there are more or less zero dependencies, assuming you can memorize the algorithm well enough or have a safe place to keep good obfuscated notes. The drawback is that it takes you like 10 minutes to generate every password.

After looking into it and remembering the golden rule that "one does not simply roll their own auth or crypto", I think Lesspass is about as close to removing corporate/dangerous dependencies as one can get in that sphere.

* Vetted by people who actually know what they are doing
* Open source, free
* Available on any platform that has internet (but the passwords I need to save are largely internet accounts, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

and tbh if I got locked out of everything on the internet, that may just be a good prompt to finally trash all my old stuff and start over

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