gaslighting might be my most sensitive trigger to get me unregulated

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@milofultz Lies which injure the hearers' ability to detect lies. Lies that alienate the hearer from their senses. I agree. It's the worst thing.

But I find myself never using the term. My culture seems to have found that all lies are gaslighting. All lies weaken the network's sensitivity to lying. Lie to your friends about basically anything and it will stir up murk, and your friends are the lens through which you perceive the world, so it blinds you too.

@milofultz Yeah, and I guess that entails that once it's understood, it barely needs to be punished, because like most abuse it's a self-destructive act, it weakens the people closest to you, and separates you from the strong. It is more like a sickness than a crime.

@faun That is interesting. Are you saying that those who do lie to their friends are de facto separating themselves from their support network?

@milofultz A support network that they probably don't know exists, that can't afford to host them while they're like that. They would be actively destructive to it.

And the lies can seem so harmless and normal from the inside.

@faun That makes sense. It does seem like a maladaptive behavior to protect themselves in many cases.

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