If linkedin is for professional networking, then why is it just a barrage of advertisements from people about how great their companies are? I can't think of a less interesting way to network

@milofultz once they let companies on there (almost instantly?) it kind of became this police state where the companies KNOW when folks start sniffing around for a new job. so the workers all glorify Great Leader CEO in hopes that no one notices they're low key reaching out to recruiters

@hex I think this would have happened no matter what, though, because if your supervisor is on there, then it's the same panopticon issue. My issue is the *literal* ads. Like I get being like "I love my job!", when it's about YOU. But it's when it's like "My company won an award and our CEO is great", it's just like...who gives a shit? The last thing I want to talk about with people who are in my industry are those things, like lets figure out how to help each other

@milofultz oh yeah that’s just some galaxy brain psychopathy with those ads thinking that’s what make folks interested in a place to work

@milofultz but yeah I agree LinkedIn is no way to really network. It’s the worst self-congratulatory element of social media amplified

@hex it really is the worst of the worst. At least Facebook feels like you're talking to real people *sometimes*

@milofultz @hex this is a THING in industry too. I've gotten browbeaten a bit by some marketing and/or recruiting former coworkers for not sharing their copy-pasta blurbs when eg. company wins an award or we had hiring waves or whatever

like no, sorry, you pay me to write software, not to be a marketer.

@klardotsh @milofultz i've had that same office space level "you're not wearing enough flair" chastising for not applauding the company enough on social media. it's bullshit

@klardotsh @hex Yeah, I've gotten close to this point, but never confronted. Was auditioning with a guitarist who said he fired his last bassist for refusing to share things on social media, and I was like "well did you pay him to do marketing?" and he was incensed. The audition didn't go so well hahaha

@milofultz honestly, linkedin is so boring and inane (and so full of bs) that i just unfollowed everyone on there. oh, and don't forget about those lowkey clickbaity work-related article headlines they have in the sidebar (on the desktop version), where they mostly ask questions with obvious answers, not to mention that linkedin itself is so bloated (web/software wise) that you actually don't want to use it, even if someone paid you and gave you a job at the end of it

@rozina There was a time when I was following everyone on LinkedIn.

And then something changed, that made everything different.


@milofultz good god, they love to lure you in like that.

i also hate it when they write one sentence.

on each line.

like this.

like they're trying to write.

a poem.

but really, it's just them trying to take up the whole entire screen.


(they love it when people agree with them. it boosts their ego)

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