Haven't gotten into Achewood before, but this is as good a reason as any.

@zens poking at stupid startup culture, mainly. I've been told by others to read it, but never really checked any out yet

@milofultz i have seen people post it all the time, this or that comic someone finds especially funny. i never get the joke and no one ever will explain

@zens oh. Well I can tell you what I find funny about this comic at least.

Many times I have had friends tell me about the hot new thing that will *revolutionize* this or that (e.g. NFTs), and it often feels like it turns out it was some Excel spreadsheet or student project and nothing particularly revolutionary at all. People amplify their job/product/whatever as {insert hyperbole here} and at the end of the day, nothing we do is *that* wild, esp not revolutionary, at least to me

@zens The friend of mine who recommends this comic to me is a person who tattooed the cow tools from Far Side on their thigh, so they have a special kind of humor I enjoy

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