Any resources out there for making your own tops/bottoms re: clothes? Looking specifically for zero-waste or ultra simple patterns, not necessarily traditional looking garb.

One example is this top that is two rectangles.

Also thinking of muji-esque shirts that are highly geometric to save material and not super involved re: planning or difficult to maneuver techniques

@milofultz The problem is that sometimes simple patterns create a lot of waste. For example, this is a medieval tunic, both versions for modern wide fabric and traditional looms.

Just drawing a "T" on some modern fabric and cutting away the waste would be much more flowy, but also need more yardage.

@mhd that makes sense. I guess I'm just looking for a balancing point between the two: not so difficult/dependent on technique, and zero-waste

@milofultz Yeah, it's always a compromise. The clothing equivalent to Enzo Mari's Autoprogettazione would be pretty neat.

One problem is that this probably involves new fabric, whereas we have a lot of existing ones. And just mending shirts isn't that exciting, never mind symbolic. Something that would create a recognisable product out of e.g. old dress shirts and doesn't share the usual upcycling aesthetics…

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