I feel like you could make a facsimile of bionic reading with JS easy enough to bypass the patent over something so trivial. Seems like this is specific lengths for certain words, but most are just "bold the ceiling of half the length". I wonder if it would be as effective

for each textArea:
newTextArea = ''
for each word:
boldLength = ceil(word.length / 2)
updatedWord = word[:boldLength] + word[boldLength:]
newTextArea += updatedWord
replace textArea with updatedTextArea


okay so just converting the text nodes into half <strong> tags seems to work okay! Going to see if I can tone down the boldness with some injected style, etc.

Does the thing! Not terribly difficult to do a facsimile of "bionic reading" the way I'm doing it, and maybe it's still helpful for people who have difficulty maintaining focus when reading


Byonic text now works on Safari and Firefox Mobile, too. I think that's about all I'm gonna do on it, but was a fun project!

@milofultz Also, you mean span, not strong, since this isn't semantically emphasis.
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