I have just reentered the fray of job search and it is what it is. My plan is to apply only to places where I have personal/professional connections until it becomes untenable, which is a great privilege to have, but I am moreso delaying the possibility of emailing 20 resumes/cover letters every day for jobs I know nothing about

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Best case scenario is a front end focused job that aligns as much with my values as possible and that values respect of the people as highly as possible. Probably asking too much, but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, I guess?

Also, seems like there are only senior dev jobs available these days. What happened to all the junior and mid-level? And why are there SO many senior jobs open?

@neauoire lots of possibilities!! May need to put some thought into what that would look like

@milofultz I suspect that most devs eventually get tired of receiving a pittance compared to the C-suite while also being asked to work past capacity and regularly burning out. Training young people doesn't make sense when financial goals are planned ahead only a quarter or two. Devs are generally paid enough that with a little frugality they can afford to change careers.

@milofultz This has been a gradually increasing thing in the industry for years I've fought against unsuccessfully. The argument is that "the company is here to build products quickly, not be a dev bootcamp" or that "we don't have the bandwidth to train juniors while still shipping code"

One former boss straight up described it as "let FAANG take the folks straight out of college and we'll get em later, because for the price of a junior and a half I have to train I can just have a code factory"

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