please post your favorite color palettes. @mrus posted some the other day and got me stoked. Thinking about all the functional things that inspired me like my TI83

Just made some sprouting vessels out of milk cartons to catch drip water. I WILL succeed at sprouting seeds this time

Found this at my partner’s parents house, this design is amazing

@neauoire Okay, definitely hearing the siren song of math again after trying out this alternative multiplication method. S/O to @ColinTheMathmo for his rad write up on it, too! It helped a lot in grokking the how behind this.

I'm rethinking my tracking program after reading more about other home grown time tracking tools and am determined to keep it plaintext. @neauoire's Tablatal was a good starting point and gave me a fun exercise to make a parser for it.

Just set my homepage to show me how long I got left using this appropriately spooky page from @joshavanier

Finally taking the time to learn the suits of the hanafuda deck

My house has a bunch of sage we need to use. What is your favorite way to use your extra sage? The vote so far is for pumpkin bread with sage

Sometimes audio production graciously forces me to take a break

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