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Thinking about hosting a merveilles meetup, mid 2021 (COVID permitting). 1-2 weeks long

Maybe: Art residency and group art making. Cooking for each other. Eco technology discussions. Natural building projects. Musical performances.

Anyone interested?

@kaikatsu if you’re not driving around a lot, it seems like a better investment. And if you can’t drive it, I guess it’s just a tiny house now.

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this is a very sensible effort for musicians to unite against Spotify's existing hegemony & poor payout for artists that aren't already millionaires

@7047741 Your site looks awesome! stoked to dig into your code and see what's happening in there

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@neauoire @eel @paul looking and sounding amazing. Thanks everybody for your help!

@paul @eel @neauoire Right on! I'm close for sure. Just running into errors where it "can't determine type of file" when feeding it a compiled C program. I've literally done 0 things in C before so this is probably user error, but we'll see.

I'm having some luck just running "./filename > filename.raw" and then importing it into Audacity as raw, but like @eel said, it is just a bit cumbersome.

Appreciate your help!

@eel @neauoire @paul Thanks for this! I've been playing with the online one and love it. The tinkerer in me wants to know how to do it locally. Seems like a fun offline way to generate cool music.

Been messing with `sox` for a bit, which is the OSX equivalent, from what I've read. Mucking around with the settings is rough, but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

Thanks again!

@7047741 Wow, that's awesome. I'm just getting into coding and development. How long have you been doing freelance, if you don't mind me asking? I am currently able to work remotely on a different gig, but what you're doing sounds right in line with my goals

Anybody heard/messed around with bytebeat? I'm trying to pipe these small C programs out to make an audio file, but am totally lost in OSX.

@borko I was just reading this book Algorithms to Love By, and they talked about the prediction heuristic, the Copernican Principle, which I think is saying the same thing. Paraphrased, “however long something has existed at the time you encounter it, it will exist that long afterward”

@inscript This is exactly why I distrust using most systems, I worry all the time about something breaking I can't fix or some feature being necessary that I can't use the way I want to. I must have been totally burned in the past because I feel this way about pretty much every software tool hahaha.

What's your current system?

Was getting tired of relying on bloated websites and phone apps for a basic HIIT timer, so I made a Python app.

@7047741 wow!! How are you getting that much time in? that's impressive!

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