@jameschip I'm stoked to learn more about this, seems super cool!

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@rostiger This introduced me to some new games I hadn't heard of before, thank you!

@mrus I thought that that was what you meant by macros

@mrus What's your limitations at the moment? I love trying to find the optimum with food prep stuff

@mrus I make a ton of beans once a week and then rice at the middle of the day every day, which is a pretty passive lunch. Usually have either muesli for breakfast too. Those together, preparation is maybe 10m a day

@thomasorus I've been spending a bunch of time trying to really grok Cube CSS, too, and it seems like one of those situations where if you have 8 hours to create the project, you spend like 6 hours planning it out. Which I really like. I think I like it a lot because it's so opinionated towards the kind of design I like

@thomasorus That sounds like a lot of progress! Glad you were able to recover from a bad contractor

@mrus Thought so, maybe I got the wrong person lol

please post your favorite color palettes. @mrus posted some the other day and got me stoked. Thinking about all the functional things that inspired me like my TI83

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A speaker speaks
A runner runs
A painter paints
A cook cooks
A writer writes

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hearing that kids use a flat palm instead of the pinky and thumb to mimic being on the phone has aged me 70 years

Tired: fixing the problem
Wired: introducing MORE problems

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I immediately thought of pretty much everybody here when I read this:

"Mighty speeds up Chrome on your laptop by streaming it from a more powerful computer in the cloud—that makes your browser & other apps run significantly faster."


@glyph wow cool! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for more of those trees around here then

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