Family rant + covid 

@thomasorus Dude I'm really sorry to hear that. That must be really hard

The feeling after a hard and long bike ride

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We are riders in the cavalry
And will soon be the victims of our imitators
What did we expect?

@nasser this is all giving me Another World vibes, looks awesome!

thank you all you nerds who keep making your code in C to motivate me to finally learn it

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a Diné man wrote a poem about the space race 50 years ago

the more things change, the more they stay the same

This is also a call to post your weird pet projects that other people could benefit from, knowing they don't have to buy something anymore

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What is one thing that you think more people should reuse/buy used/DIY and is not widely done or is not considered "practical"?

@metasyn @dualhammers also will recommend as a good sandbox

I am however a masochist who loves regex

Just made the source markdown files for my zettelkasten/wiki available for PR's, so now it is a *true* wiki.

@neauoire I honestly would wish fame and celebrity upon no one. There is a big part of me that craves the attention and acknowledgement, but it's always tempered by thoughts like this

@cblgh this is a very sick tool, I dig the base64 encoded URL, super slick

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