@glyph wow cool! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for more of those trees around here then

@glyph I did some research, and I believe the tree is a carob tree. Looks an awful lot like this guy, but not 100%


@glyph I'm in Pasadena, and I will check out the tree on my next walk. Try and get a leaf and dichotomous key it for ya


@jcmorrow I hear you on that. I think what struck me about this is how I am having trouble really grasping it you know. this being a really stupid and unorganized riot/attack/whatever is only because of sheer dumb luck and if a couple things changed could have been much more dire. But *because* it seems stupid on it’s face makes it difficult for me to look at it as a failed attack and instead easy to see it as “a stupid coup”. Don’t know if that makes sense

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Just a reminder guys
Don't use facebook
If you have facebook apps installed on anything delete them as soon as possible and consider resetting the device

The only reason that Facebook's actions are legal are because the people who make the laws are old and haven't accounted for the kind of (currently legal) criminal activity Facebook does.
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Put up some notes I took from the book "Algorithms To Live By" on my site. It's kind of a mega dump, but I tried to organize it as a tickler for interesting things I found in there.


Just finished day 20 of and it's starting to really push my limits of looping over everything tons of times

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Reminding myself today of a quote I found anonymously online:

“if you feel like everyone hates you, you need to sleep,
and if you feel like you hate everyone else, you need to eat.”

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AoC 2020 day 13, part 2, can't solve 

@cancel I looked up other peoples solutions and it’s definitely some real number theory stuff. I was brute forcing it and my computer didn’t get close in an hour so I stopped.

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Client: Can you do this thing?
Client: Can you do this thing?
Client: Can you do this thing right now?
Client: We really need you to do this thing.
Client: We need this thing done right now!!!
Me: OK, let me look at it.
Me: You didn't give me this bit.
Client: Oh, sorry, give me a few minutes.
Me: Twiddles thumbs for two hours.

Was able to finish all of today's . When all you have is a for loop, everything looks like a list

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