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Just made some sprouting vessels out of milk cartons to catch drip water. I WILL succeed at sprouting seeds this time

Finished up Day 8 of . I liked this one as I was able to chill out enough to make a plan and move forward on it instead of flailing around and praying the code works

Having AoC start up at the end of the day is so tempting. I was just getting ready for bed and it gives me an excuse to say "just one more"

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Christmas tree, the rpg:

You play the part of a Christmas tree.

As you stand in the corner slowly dying you watch the love that the family show each other and ponder your existence.

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Been walking so much the last few days. I am so excited that I’ve been feeling the desire to do it because it’s great exercise, real quality leisure, and very cheap entertainment

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People need to learn to see the world as a positive sum game. Anything that benefits one of us, benefits all of us. Anything that disadvantages one of us, disadvantages all of us.

It’s that simple.

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At the very least, keep in mind that life is NOT a zero sum game. You can succeed without requiring someone else to fail. You can be right without requiring someone else to be wrong. You can be more without requiring someone else to be less.

Remember that you can lift yourself up without pushing others down.

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Found this at my partner’s parents house, this design is amazing

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