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Finally fixed the shifters and calibrated the derailleurs on my bike and took some notes. It is nuts to realize again and again how simple bikes are.

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If anyone around is interested in "the scene", the old message boards, private trackers, i"m writing an article on ASCII art form the dawn of time to present day. It's a fascinating, just beautiful subject matter and I'm lost in it.

If anyone can help me find my way on into the GG, I'd HIGHLY appreciate it. I'm no spring chicken, but I wasn't born in the 70's either. I will treat you and your community with respect. I am mostly interested in your artwork! :)

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…It’s also victim blaming to tell everyday people they’re at fault for using one of the two main tech platforms instead of an (as of yet inaccessible) alternative. (I have two Pinephones and my room overflows open hardware. No, I don’t blame you for using an iPhone or an Android device. You’re the victim here.)

Blame the actual culprits: clueless legislators/policymakers who allow these monopolies to continue and fail to protect our human rights. Blame Big Tech and those who enable it…

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The feeling after a hard and long bike ride

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We are riders in the cavalry
And will soon be the victims of our imitators
What did we expect?

thank you all you nerds who keep making your code in C to motivate me to finally learn it

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a Diné man wrote a poem about the space race 50 years ago

the more things change, the more they stay the same

This is also a call to post your weird pet projects that other people could benefit from, knowing they don't have to buy something anymore

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What is one thing that you think more people should reuse/buy used/DIY and is not widely done or is not considered "practical"?

Just made the source markdown files for my zettelkasten/wiki available for PR's, so now it is a *true* wiki.

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Experimental Signal Processing With Slime Mould

20-22 August, Berlin

"In this workshop we will be introduced to working with Physarum polycephalum, including life cycle, cultivation, and techniques for integrating with conventional electrical components for building hybrid circuits. [..] By the end of the workshop, we will have built simple synthesizers made up of noise-making oscillators connected to each other by slime mould "wires" grown during class."

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Interesting project by using computer vision to tag politicians distracted by their mobile phones during parliament sessions.

old man yells at cloud, but man I dislike fireworks

@thomasorus LOVE the formatting and the hard yellow bg on your posts 👌👌👌

Finally made a wiki of all the programming things I've been learning over the last year using a Python script I made to build it. Plus I got a dumb domain name to go with it

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