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It's not free as in freedom. It's not free as in beer. It's free as in free puppies.

it grows into a huge project that you have to take care of for free.

"At the beginning of the age of the automobile...a very intense discussion about whether a car should be allowed on the road and who should be at fault when a car drives over a 4-year-old in the street.

In the 1930s, we ended up as a society deciding that 4-year-olds should be the one to blame. We began to train people even before they began to speak about how to cross the street and how to avoid it in the street. We redesigned our world to be safe for automobiles and dangerous for children."

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"One thing it’s taken me awhile to understand is that I don’t think the Amish believe in progress. I don’t think the Amish believe there is a perfect world in the future. I think that is something that drives a lot of our society: the idea there must be progress and there is a place we need to get to."

Pretty sure that the rice starch will ferment, too, leading me to ask what could be made with that.

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When I’ve been making rice, I’ve been saving the starch water after the rinse and putting it in the fridge. This does a few things:

1. Less wasted water of course
2. After sitting overnight, the starch settled on the bottom is perfect for soups or anywhere else starchy water is needed.
3. The poured off top of the starch water actually tastes amazing first thing in the morning.

Added some challenges (with solutions) for creating subtraction, multiplication, and division programs.

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If you're a teenager in the US and your parents are refusing to provide consent to get you vaccinated, there's a website that's designed to help you figure out if and how you can get around your parents, as well as what vaccinations you should get if you haven't had any:

why did it take me until now to realize that music trackers are just music via assembly?

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Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

"Shifting responsibility from the largest carbon emitters to the average person, YOU, is easier to do than solving the problems. ...

We have just witnessed a global experiment in staying at home, not using transport and consuming less during the Corona virus pandemic and all it did was reduce CO2 emissions by 7% in 2020. ...

The concept of your carbon footprint was popularized by the oil producer BP in a 2005 ad campaign."

Saw @neauoire 's paper computing page and realized how beneficial it would have been to have this when starting assembly. So I made a couple activities with it that I'll be adding to so maybe people new to assembly can have a little stronger foundation to work with at the lower level.

Does many small focused ideas with strong motivation win out against one large idea with weaker motivation?

If the end result is actually *doing something*, for me the answer is definitely the former.

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After talking about this with @jick , we realized that while this may result in many disparate and seemingly unrelated sprints, the end result would be higher motivation to actually do things along with a library of interesting projects to jump back to on subsequent sprints.

If the goal is doing things you think are interesting and maintaining that over time, it seems that at least for us, committing to a single goal over a long period of time is just stops motivation before even starting.

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After reading this article about the issues with software development, I'm fascinated that I never noticed that how the agile method is usually implemented in companies "is the famous waterfall process in spirit, if not in fact."

This got me thinking about what would happen if those practicing agile went completely the opposite direction of waterfall, pursuing two-week long sprints with **no** long term goal for their time spent. What would that yield?

Just remembered you can use basic HTML on Gmail and the experience is so much more pleasant

I can’t tell if waking up with mild despair is just a sign I need a little more sleep

May I present to you:

Actually usable scroll bars.

Real-world use cases:

1. Scrolling up/down.

2. Scrolling left/right.

3. At-a-glance indication of position.

4. At-a-glance indication of size of current working area in proportion to the total working area.


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