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if I ever make an album of coding music, it will be called "shrimpin out in the dark"

When people discuss travelling to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small, but barely anyone in the present really thinks they can radically alter the future by doing something small.

“Once, men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”

Excerpt From
Frank Herbert's Dune - 1965

It blows my fuckin mind that Frank Herbert saw this coming.

Think about a dream.

What you are imagining is probably unachievable for many reasons, but don't think of it like that, think of it as having many different manifestations, some of which are detached from reality.

Then try to find other manifestations of you dream and ,by doing that, bring it closer and closer to your normal everyday activities, so close that every effort you do towards achieving it, even the thought of how to achieve it is it's (the dream's) realization.


Going to be in Phuket, Thailand for a bit. Anybody have recommendations of their favorite things/experiences out there? I'm there doing work and will have time for fun stuff, but am most interested in non-tourist trap stuff.

Bad social media gives you an audience: stuff like reach, personality/celebrity, spectacle, anxiety, alienation, competition.

Good social media gives you community: it’s more like voice, agency, discussion, comradery.

I want a community, not an audience.

when you think about it, the idea that software should scale is actually really weird. "sure this garden is nice, but how nice can it be if it doesn't grow to cover the entire surface of the earth?"

What do y'all do when feeling a general lack of motivation to do anything at all?

I've made an alternative frontend to Medium:

If you, like me, are occasionally forced to read articles on, now you can read them on Scribe instead! Feedback welcome.

#OpenSource #crystallang

Some of the best reporting about Union strikes in the U.S. Is happening at the Financial Times.

Why? Because they're a newspaper by capitalists for capitalists and they speak honestly to folks with skin the game.

Bypass that paywall and see how scared they are of the wave of labor action

I've been spending time trying to learn the Rubik's cube algorithms from scratch using only the names of the steps and the glossary for the notation.

What I'm noticing is that it is very reminiscent of the programming process, and that I want to apply the same practices I do in solving programming puzzles.

This provides a new challenge, as setting up proper tests is difficult, but I *think* will ultimately benefit the hypothesis and execution process.

after nine months of pulling 60-hour weeks with a full time job and code school at the same time, I finally have some time to handle my many non-urgent life tasks I have been delaying.

After working as a freelancer for years, I realize how many habits I've developed that necessitate a non-9 to 5 lifestyle. It's wild how much I took my freelance life for granted.

The security of a regular job is certainly something, but the freedom of freelancing is incredible, now that I have perspective.

Out of curiosity, What's your favorite linux distro/setup and why do you like it? Try to say it in 140 characters.

For context, also add in a short description what you mostly use your computer for. For example,I use mine mostly for game development.

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