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Anita Baker's The Songstress is like the most amount tasteful slap bass I've heard on an album

new since it's been a minute

I love

* creative constraints
* minimal solutions
* programming
* weird or obsolete stuff
* longboarding
* therapy
* making and listening to music
* psychology
* plants
* bread
* trying new recipes
* solving puzzles and problems
* minimalism (not the cult)
* budgeting
* projects

I'm learning to be more vulnerable and how to be more empathetic. I'm also almost always working on something my friends think is stupid, but it's actually cool, trust me

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You can tell you are in the company of mathematicians when someone asks "Which is the nearest planet to the Earth?", someone else says "The Earth", and everyone else just nods.

anybody out there know how to compile 68k assembly on a hardware amiga? Don't know how to transfer vasm over or do anything of note, am a complete noob to this system

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oh yeah for the TRUE editors out there, I made a very simple starter cheatsheet for ed commands

I have access to an Amiga 2000 that *may* have the software needed to make it boot. Would love to learn some 68k assembly and dink around on that machine. Or just some BASIC or whatever. Either way, the CRT turning on makes that sound and the fans spin and it's also so gloriously creaky and cranky

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The fediverse today trying to explain to newcomers where they are.

This is like a perfect distillation of the music I loved for a specific year in high school. Still slaps but weirdly nostalgic

Just read Ed Mastery from @mwlucas and SO MANY THINGS in vim, sed, etc. finally make sense. Finally I can assert my intellectual dominance by using ed for every project from now on

I learned this ONE WEIRD TRICK to make GREAT cream of tomato soup at home. Use KETCHUP instead of TOMATOES

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I am begging people to stop acting like COVID is no longer a threat. Studies are showing a 10%-30 risk of long COVID, which can absolutely wreck your life. Even if you dodge that, you'll be at massively higher risk for blood clots going forward.

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