I made the music and SFX for the new Marvel x Uniqlo CM. Using LSDJ on Gameboy.


> What I found, instead, was that the minimal syntax of Clojure is far more conducive to building large systems, than the heavier syntax of Java or C++. In fact, it’s no contest. Building large systems is Clojure is just simpler and easier than in any other language I’ve used.


Compact little saw for cutting firewood at camp. Folds the blade away so can be thrown in a bag without trouble.


Solid little folding table for one, which can click together with another table to make enough room for two. Packs down flat. Sturdy enough and super lightweight.


This is a fantastic little alcohol cookset. Compact, adjustable flame, and has a little extra space to add eg. coffee / filters / a mug & dripper.

What are some things you bought recently that give you joy? Mine are mostly to do with camping/bikes & yoyos..


Working on a lightning talk for a declarative form library for clojurescript. I always found the bottleneck for building things was in long, repetitive form data binding.. Features flexible repeater fields & "grouped" compound fields... Enjoyed finding that recursive nested repeaters to represent trees just worked (See: "Nested" panel)

Global remote or Tokyo based work leads anyone? Strong interest in functional programming, data visualization, clojure, UI, interaction, data driven development etc.

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Everything about this bike either came off another bike or was 2nd hand for cheap. It's very light and whippy, good to ride on days with good weather. Soon plan to add some cheap CX tyres. Frame is Fairweather CX, a brand produced out of the Blue Lug bicycle store.

This is the bike I like to tour on.. All city space horse with jones H bars. Managed to score some paul mini-moto brakes before they jacked up the price. I like rim brakes to be honest. Tyres are Soma Shikoro which managed to take a 1cm piece of steel and keep rolling. I filled in the hole with super glue, and it seems fine! My loading seems janky, but it works really well. Salsa anything cages, mont bell large size frame bag and realm dark label wald 137 basket bag.

This is my tokyo town & picnic bike. All city big block with crust bikes clydesdale fork. It has a 3 speed hub in the back, which is all I need within the city 🗼

Hello fediverse. I like bicycles! Tell me about what bikes you are riding.

Making a little computer-keyboard-playable midi keyboard

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