Uncovered a kindle DX

Wonder if it's worth reviving

what's on your mind?

Each day i draw what "special day" it is in Japan on our fridge.

Here's the last 4 days.

1/8 : earphone day -- the numbers for 1 and 8 in japanese can be read "i" and "ya" which comes together to sound like ear..
1/9 : witty day -- the character "ikyuu kun" is associated with wit and often used to depict it
1/10 : emergency call day -- the emergency number in japan is 110
1/11 : coming of age day -- people who turn 20 this year celebrate (and hear a speech while wearing kimono)

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I sometimes wonder how other people deal with crappy technology.

I was just over a friend's boat and, for 20 minutes, I got to watch them struggle to pair a device to a Bluetooth speaker.

It was a truly magnificent and entrancing scene.

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Installed new handlebar wrap tape and break levers :>

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We were followed by sea birds and purpose throughout our passage, ut eventually they all left. We were unkowingly approaching a massive fleet of chinese thrawlers 3000nm away from Japanese coast.

There would be 40 ish boats, lighting up the night sky. We could smell their engines before we could even see their black smoke.

After spending a long time at sea, with nothing but the sound of the waves, encountering commercial fishing liners was terrifying and made awfully sad.

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I was playing around with coding a grain filter for monochromatic photos.

I'm distributing the grain intensity using a `sin` function from white to black to filter out noise in the white and black.

You can play around with it here:

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Spent the night building the first dirty version of my bike computer. Doesn’t pick up a good signal inside and the components are very bulky but I can mount this on my handlebars and test stuff out.

Once I’ve tested it a bit I’ll make a proper PCB which is smaller and better laid out.

Not so sure how often it updates, but another way to track Pino is here:


Looks like the last ping they had was before Shimoda

Warm, friendly, humble and inspiring and fuck. A safe journey awaits you two ahead I'm sure. Hope we can spend more time exploring, laughing and chatting in the future ♥ @rek @neauoire

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