@minikomi it's weird to me just how well the OP-1 visually fits in a retrocomputing-y setup, but it's awesome

@https://merveilles.town/users/minikomi omg.

can you describe something, may be in other posts?

is it enough for work to have just 1mb of memory? did you upgrade?

op-1 is for midi input.

the akai, i guess, is the device capable of producing sounds according to midi instructions from the atari.

i also search for a devicelike that for a reasonable price.

@wauz second box down, third floppy in .. pink with gold star stickers

@minikomi Somewhere i have some pics (from a few years ago) of my Atari 520 STe with 4mb of RAM and some synth/s next to it... BUT i never found the motivation to actually use it as a midi sequencer
(Fiddled a bit more with maxYMiser etc)

It's an UltraSatan next to it i'm guessing?

(I have a CosmosEx here but my STe and everything is stored in boxes for now.)

I have never used a hardware sampler but i suppose this Akai is one of the famous 90s ones

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