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I'm setting up an experimental small-tech creative research studio created to explore code, tools, products and services using sustainable and ethical business practices through the utilisation of open source tools and methodologies.

I'm just starting out. So bear with me.

I think I'm gonna need a wiki / memex.

One that works offline as well as online.


Old colleagues I know are doing this. A wonderful idea.

"Life-Centered Design goes beyond human needs. We aim to restore natural ecosystems while we design thriving communities and organisations. As humans, we are a small part of an extensive ecosystem, but our impact on the planet is enormous. With Life-Centered Design, we create strategies that give back to nature and life in our world. We help you design a positive impact with your organisation and community."

I'm looking for a small piece of musical software that could be used to create little tunes and noises for 8-32 bit video games.

Nothing as complex as a DAW, but something open source, straightforward and can complement and

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Calm technology. We need technological help to grow tempeh in places where the climate is not suitable for its growth. The idea of our fermenter is to mimic the Indonesian climate to produce plant-based protein food using local beans, to cooperate with nature and help it to help us. But the technology for our device doesn't need to be intrusive, connected to the internet, track our habits or consume more energy than it actually needs. It just needs to produce heat according to what the growth of the mycelium requires. Only a few components are needed. A few components that we can understand, repair and improve if necessary. A few components that reconcile open-source technology with citizens and our food production. We like to call it calm technology.

I currently live about 30 metres from the river. It is part of my life. I feel better, calmer and more at peace when I walk / sit by it.

Everybody should have a body of water to be calm near.

This morning was full of the smells of grinding coffee and toasting bagels. Mixes with the smells from the flowers in the garden for a truly delightful experience.

If anyone missed it last night, I've launched a BBS (yes, an old-school BBS, text interface, you access it via telnet) to act as a chill social hangout for #trans folk.

Since it just went live, it's very small, but if we can grow it into a cozy little community, I think it could be pretty great.

If you're interested in the details, contact me directly.

Boosts are also appreciated!

Drinking a light ale in the sun on a wharf watching boats go back and forth. In the middle of a city.

Thinking of a new logo.

Yes, it's a minimal M.

Is there something really obvious I'm missing from this that might be incredibly offensive to somebody?

I need to update my coding skills. There's things I need to do.

Going to start with this. I need a bit of a refresher, plus some more detail. Gonna work through this.

Met up with friends I hadn’t seen since before covid. Went and listened to music together. Was a wonderful night.

Found this: Occlusion Grotesque Experimental typeface. Fonts made by trees.

Wonderful mix of art and nature.

@minimaldotclick Sounds like what I'm trying to do with my company Approaching Utopia :)

My thoughts for a more modern version being. It syncs with my idea of self-sufficiency:

- Presentation (Calligraphy)
- Composition (Poetry)
- ??? (Painting)
- Self defence / T'ai Chi (T'ai Chi)
- First Aid / Nutrition (Medicine)

The Barefoot Doctor [1] thought that one of the modern ones should have been Meditation.

Love to hear your thoughts on this concept?


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I've also got this theory about applying the Five Excellences to a more modern skillset.

> Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing regarded a set of five disciplines—the "five excellences"—to be the mark of a well-rounded person: calligraphy, painting, poetry, t’ai chi, and medicine. ...versatility was central to Cheng’s philosophy of life, and he encourage his students to combine artistry with scholarship.

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I'm also looking at systems that can run said studio in open / free / ethical / sustainable ways.

This bit is more difficult to get my head round at the moment. Hopefully writing it out will help with this.

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If all goes to plan I will have some physical and mental space to write out a couple of essays of what I want to be.

Basically, a small studio that creates things somewhere in the venn of Art and Technology that can start to sustain me going forward without compromises to my ethical & sustainable stance.

I'm looking at software tools, games, music and art.

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