I'm setting up an experimental small-tech creative research studio created to explore code, tools, products and services using sustainable and ethical business practices through the utilisation of open source tools and methodologies.

I'm just starting out. So bear with me.

@neauoire thanks! I'll just do my introduction and settle in. Thanks for helping with that.

@minimaldotclick Haha, I didn’t even notice you were now in the Town. Welcome :)

@contraculto hey, thanks. I lost my way for a little while and now I'm back!

@minimaldotclick Hey and welcome to town! Looking forward to reading your thoughts and seeing you develop the studio!

@rostiger thank you. I'mm looking forward to it too. I think it's the right thing for me to do.

I'm going to try and explain my thoughts a little more comprehensively over the next little while which should help clear things up for both me and thee. 👍🏼

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