So, HG Wells might have invented tabletop roleplaying. He wrote Little Wars [1] in 1913.

The full text of the book is available online [2] for those that want to read it.



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@minimaldotclick I think the Brontë sisters have him beaten by almost 100 years:

They played a bit of proto-RPGs throughout their lives. It was mostly a personal game so not much has survived the ages, but there are some in-world letters for Gondal, and I think bit for their other world - Glasstown.

Curiously, RPGs as we know them now originated from wargames by doing something similar to what Brontës did.

...but I can talk for ages about proto-RPGs.

@FredBednarski ooh. This is interesting. I knew nothing about this. Thanks for creating a door open that I can now go and explore. 👍🏼

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