If all goes to plan I will have some physical and mental space to write out a couple of essays of what I want minimal.click to be.

Basically, a small studio that creates things somewhere in the venn of Art and Technology that can start to sustain me going forward without compromises to my ethical & sustainable stance.

I'm looking at software tools, games, music and art.


I'm also looking at systems that can run said studio in open / free / ethical / sustainable ways.

This bit is more difficult to get my head round at the moment. Hopefully writing it out will help with this.

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I've also got this theory about applying the Five Excellences to a more modern skillset.

> Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing regarded a set of five disciplines—the "five excellences"—to be the mark of a well-rounded person: calligraphy, painting, poetry, t’ai chi, and medicine. ...versatility was central to Cheng’s philosophy of life, and he encourage his students to combine artistry with scholarship.

My thoughts for a more modern version being. It syncs with my idea of self-sufficiency:

- Presentation (Calligraphy)
- Composition (Poetry)
- ??? (Painting)
- Self defence / T'ai Chi (T'ai Chi)
- First Aid / Nutrition (Medicine)

The Barefoot Doctor [1] thought that one of the modern ones should have been Meditation.

Love to hear your thoughts on this concept?

[1] sk-budo.com/DL_pdf/Five%20Exce

@megabyteGhost Presentation, Composition, something, health / nutrition, self defence. Another toot in the main thread goes into a little more depth.


I'm going to have to think on a few of these but I do strongly agree with three, but maybe with minor changes:

Composition - I would consider combining with Presentation and just using the phrase "Communication."

Self Defense - That's good by itself. Any modern taught self defense style is good.

First Aid/Nutrition - I'd change this to personal health, and include mental health like Meditation.

@minimaldotclick I also think everyone should know how to program. Not necessarily code, though. There are lots of tools out there that let you "program" software but without having to code. In my opinion, programming and coding are two different but related things.

But I strongly believe everyone should be able to take their basic ideas and make them happen on a computer.

@megabyteGhost I agree. And part of minimal.click is for me to get better than that. I agree totally with you. The art of programming is the art of controlling your environment.

@megabyteGhost ooh, good call. I like that:

- Communication
- Self Defence
- Personal Health

Will probaby have to think of what the gaps could be.

@minimaldotclick So we're at:

- Communication
- Self Defence
- Personal Health
- Programming
- ?


- Communication
- Self Defence
- Personal Health
- Programming
- ?

How about creation? or creativity? there's a great difference between communicating things and creating things...

@minimaldotclick Sounds like what I'm trying to do with my company Approaching Utopia :)

@minimaldotclick The TL;DR version of it is that I wanted a "multi-media publishing company". The idea started ~16 years ago when I was a senior in high school and wanted to start a record label. Then I got a job in marketing, then I got a degree in video game design, all the while I was writing fiction and poetry.

Just seemed to make sense to start a company for all of it.

Right now all the music is free and there is a collection of short stories that just needs edited (not all of them mine)

@minimaldotclick I haven't figured out if I want to keep everything free/Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW).

Or a combination...some stuff free/PWYW and some stuff charged for.

@megabyteGhost I think you're very much like me. I have all sorts of weird creative things going on all over the place.

I just want to be a little more organised doing it and in the best way possible.

@minimaldotclick That is exactly right. I can't focus on creating just one type of media. I love them all and I Love creating. I just need to figure out how to make money so I can quit taking jobs I have no passion for.

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