I have the beginnings of a digital garden / memex / wiki.

It is here:

It is mainly for documenting and supporting me with the growth of what I'm calling, the sustainable & ethical creative experimental studio I'm setting up.

But I'll also be updating it to the internet as it might contain things that other people might want to know.

Warning: it's at the early stages and permanently a work in progress.

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@aynish oooh, thanks! That makes me happy.

Think it's gonna take a while before there's substance in it. But I've already found it useful.


The concept of "Digital Garden" is super nice.
Congratulations! I really enjoy reading sites like yours where "Everything is a work in progress" 🙂

@changbai many thanks. I'm going to be adding to it at regular intervals. So watch this space!

@minimaldotclick this is a respectable endeavor and I’m excited to watch it grow—and possibly participate? Who knows!

@jesselawson let's see how it grows and develops. Am always after advice and answers to my dumb questions!

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