Some thoughts on how to build an open studio.

Would love some feedback on this.

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@minimaldotclick it's a good start, what about reusing and repurposing existing furniture and tech? New and open source/hardware stuff is good but existing stuff that don't need to be manufactured is even better. Also in software and tools you should also add making your own little tools/software as needed :)

@ritualdust great call. Should have literally considered reuse, repair, recycle straight off. d'oh 🤦🏼‍♂️

@minimaldotclick Re: OS choice, Haiku might actually work for some people. Also postmarketOS lets you repurpose any old Android device as a Linux machine.
I think listing programming languages is largely superfluous since all the major ones have open source implementations, libraries are much more important.

Also there should be something about backups.

@csepp that’s a good point about the languages.

Have never heard of postmarketOS so thanks for the heads up on that. I’ll check it out. Especially if it works on my aged kindle that I don’t want to use because Amazon.

And I’ll take another look at Haiku as well. 👍🏼

@csepp @minimaldotclick Oh, this is a great resource, thanks! I hadn't heard about postmarketOS yet, unfortunately my kindle paperwhite isn't in the list of supported devices.. :(

@rostiger @minimaldotclick If you're adventurous and have enough time, you could try adding support for it with the downstream kernel. The wiki has lots of great resources on it. (disclaimer: I haven't tried kernel dev for pmOS.)

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