@fvcktlvsn interesting. Thanks for the heads up. I might take a look 👍🏼

@pixelkeen this could be a really good portable and plug-in PC. Not running windows.


@pixelkeen that would be interesting. It’s open and Hackable, right?

@groovestomp @neauoire aim is autocorrect changing what I write. It’s supposed to be Z I M. zim-wiki.org

@groovestomp @neauoire I’m pretty visual so I like me pretty things. I’ve heard amazing things about org-mode but I’m currently sticking with aim until I’m knowledgeable enough to brew my own.

So what search engines are we using these days? If we are still using search engines.

I mean I literally use about 10 sites and not much else.

@danbruno this is the video game digital magazine of vox media right? This is why I stopped reading it.

Just spend most of the day in a wood reading about British folklore. I _really_ like folklore.

@tickfoot only experience of Huron was a tablet that I had. Connection broke after a week and I had to manually fix it, but it kept occasionally breaking. Plus the drivers didn’t work on OS X. Can’t imagine how, or even if, the drivers work in linux.

@helveticablanc nice work. Trying something similar. I’m working from a 2015 pro and there’s going to be a break off point where I can’t update it anymore.

Then when it slows down too much it’ll become a Linuxbox. With probably elementaryOS or some sort of Arch.

Oh, wow. This style is b e y o n d!

CMYK halftone offset print emulation for Blender: mrmotarius.itch.io/mrmo-halfto

@sty that looks really interesting. Might have to spend some time playing with it. 👍🏼

@hipgnose oooh. Thanks. I might see if there’s an export to html. Thanks!

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