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woohoo, we have a release 🥳

master_me is a mastering plugin for live streaming, podcasts and internet radio stations.

free & open source :rainbow_heart:

I have been developing this for the last 6 months and with the help of many contributors, it's finally ready. Can't believe how much I learned...

Thanks to @falktx @magnetophon @x42 @jkbd the faust community

#faust #dpf #audio #plugin #foss #stream #podcast #radio #mastering #prototypefund

Current view.

Also accidentally met the President of Greece today as well.

Two simple ways to save electricity today:

If your freezer is an old one, like ours, defrost it. Then dust off the radiators on the back of your fridge and freezer. They run more efficiently when they're not clagged up with ice on the inside and grime on the outside.

With electricity prices rising, I recently made some measurements and discovered that our old freezer would cost £700 per year to run. That was enough to justify a replacement freezer, which arrives tomorrow.

Not everyone knows how to do that calculation, so I've jotted down some thoughts (and, in the process, published my first post on #WriteAs):

Comments welcome.

Every line of code that you write that isn't efficient pushes CPUs out of low-power, low-clock modes into higher gears and wastes a disproportionate amount of energy.

For something ecologically-destructive like Electron, this means CPUs never get the chance to stay in low-power modes, even when the software isn't being used.

Are you a windows user and programmer and are interested in helping with #inkscape ? I'm looking for someone to help with a small windows development task which has become stuck without a windows dev.

Italian style bean soup. Fry onion. Add garlic. Add a cup of cooked cannellini beans. Heat for 2 mins. Add vegetable stock. Allow to nearly boil. Add so much kale. Allow to nearly boil again. Add a ladles worth of polenta. Salt and pepper. Stir. Ready to eat.

Funny how all the newspapers that are owned and operated by the capital class are keen to encourage work back into offices owned and operated by the capital class.

It's almost like they fear the workers taking ownership of the means of production.

The PedalPC is a human-powered computer desk that allows you to exercise and generate electricity while you work.

Just found this website with a bunch of schematics and information about DIYing audio electronics. Lots of useful information for people building synths or guitar pedals.

Stephen King on how to deal with schools censoring books:

"Run, don't walk, to the nearest nonschool library or local bookstore & get whatever it was they banned. Read whatever they're trying to keep out of your eyes & your brain, because that's exactly what you need to know.”

"NASA described it then as a result of pressure waves sent out by the black hole, saying it was a whopping 57 octaves below middle C, which means scientists had to raise the frequency quadrillions of times to make it audible."

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"Building a website from scratch, with hard-coded gif animations and a web-ring, is now part of the back-to-the-land tradition."

Not looking forward to this winter.

We're down to the barest minimum of electricity and gas usage as it is.

Might have to open up the chimneys again. Not the best solution.

The best solution is systemic change.

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