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Here's what you might see me talk about :

Struggling to get some part of my ongoing projects to work, ADHD, some details of my life as a transgender guy in France, cooking recipes, snack ideas, and eventual ramblings on our dysfunctional society or how I'm making it through it.

Looking forward to meeting and having a chat with y'all !

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Hello there ! (insert Star Wars joke here

I'm Morgan, transgender guy from France. I just moved to Merveilles after testing the Mastodon waters with Very happy I've found a new home for my ramblings !

Things I love : my fiancee, coding, spending hours reading documentation of software I'll (probably) never use, creating and hacking electronics, making music with guitars and synths, sugary foods, fantasy literature and all kinds of music.

There are some bugs here and there, and not that much content, but it's all a work in progress !

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It's alive !

Source is not public yet, but welcome on my brand new personal website :

Thanks to all the folks on Merveilles for their ideas, inspiration and help :D

What do you guys use to deploy your websites dynamically with git master updates ? Feel free to comment and discuss :D

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"When we have a toothache, we know that not having a toothache is happiness. But later, when we don’t have a toothache, we don’t treasure our non-toothache. Practicing mindfulness helps us learn to appreciate the well-being that is already there."

Thich Nhat Hanh, *The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching*

Early morning meetings in Paris are just a good reason to take your breakfast in a fancy café.

Personal website is done ! First version anyways. I have a lot of features to implement in mind, but I'll take a break with this one.

Just need to figure out how to CD it and it'll be live :)

My October coding objective was to make some progress on Navire, the wiki engine for my future personal website, but I actually think the first production version will be ready by the end of the month.

Getting rid of obstacles just by focusing on the essential features I need is really pleasing.

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Dans votre budget, il y a 0 fois les mots caissière, femme de ménage, AVS ou ass. mat.
Actionnaires, oui, il y sont.
Entreprises : 364 fois.
Dividendes : 15 fois.
Compétitivité : 28 fois.
Pourtant, ce sont pas les actionnaires et leurs dividendes qui ont nettoyé les hôpitaux.

clone wars, spoilers 

More happens during Clone Wars season 5 episode 16 than during the rest of the entire SW saga.

Darth Maul kills Obi-Wan romantic interest but is then being tackled by Palpatine himself. Mess ensues. Sith fight. Way more interesting than Jedi fights anyway.

Made a new image avatar that will probably my future website/memex/digital garden m3y.

Really loving how easy and fast it is to use @neauoire Dotgrid.

I bought new shoes and its kicking my dysphoria's ass.

Spaghetti code, Rust edition.

Not proud of this one, but it'll be fixed in refactoring....

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no more society
society has advanced past the need for society
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The right has long held that homelessness is a symptom - of a lack of self-control, a lack of foresight, of addiction, mental illness, etc - and therefore the solution to it is training, incarceration, rehab, or rigid discipline.

None of this stuff worked.


Wanna pickup EVE again (yes, some of you here are responsible for that) so bad but I can't get to make it work on NixOS...

If no solution appears and the itch doesn't disappear, I might just... Switch to Manjaro --"

Configuration of i3blocks, screen luminosity, volume, printers and all that jazz is DONE. Spent way too many hours on that but I learned a lot of things at least.

Thanks to everybody who helped me navigate these NixOS waters :)

Theorical question : what are advantages of Matrix over XMPP ?

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