Oh my, this is hilarious! Big capital going poof due to a bunch of reddit memelords. Holy moly, if they continue like this they might have a real chance to fsck up Wallstreet really good.

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ea/bosch_headunit_root: Documentation and code for rooting and extending a Bosch car head unit (lcn2kai)


fury & anger 

MacBook displays are the worst.

This is awesome, haha! r/wallstreetbets just screwed with every short-seller trading GameStop.

are you kidding me 

Oookay… just seems to have deleted a production cluster of mine. I performed an upgrade through their UI, shortly after the cluster was gone and now the UI shows the “welcome” page (when you didn’t create a Kubernetes cluster). :-|

Ah! Now I remember why I don’t usually comment on things on the internet.

TIL that the best “pets” to have in a tropical region are purple martins, swallows, geese, terns, ducks, migratory songbirds, goldfish, guppies, bass, bluegill, Gambusia affinis, frogs, tadpoles, red-eared slider turtles and dragonflies, since they are all natural mosquito predators.

You can also add spiders and bats to that list as well, but, errr, let’s better not.

“In a study of 48,000 Britons, vegetarians were unusually resistant to heart disease, but prone to strokes.”

That’s quite an interesting take on diets: economist.com/graphic-detail/2

Some stats on this build: As of right now (still in progress) it contains of over 9000 parts, worth around $8000. The ship is 176cm/69” in length, 78cm/31” wide and around 121cm/48” tall (including the masts). It weighs around 16.4kg/36.1lb.

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@rek @neauoire do you two happen to have a (publicly available) “maintenance and running costs” document of your boat somewhere? I was wondering what the financial part of “living in a boat” means. I’m trying to figure out whether all in all it’s more expensive than renting an apartment.

Oh hai open-source hardware running Linux! beaglev.seeed.cc

*showing Raspberry the finger*

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