Just rediscovered this childhood memory, because I found the Thunderbird 2 as a toy on Aliexpress. :D


So apparently there doesn’t seem to be a TRX/Threadripper mITX board because of “physics”. Pfft.

Second time in two weeks that all elevators are off. Guess I need a parachute.

Fully customizable wireless OBS controller, (a.k.a. poor man’s Elgato Stream Deck) is coming along nicely.

Two years after its initial release I finally managed to resume work on . Just pushed a release that contains the latest version of Nerves – more coming soon!


((lets bankrupt every government and end the capitalist charade))

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Just looked up “Roblox” on YouTube because I didn’t know what it was.

What the heck did I just see…

Indoor mosquito hunt has began. Any suggestions?

What crazy times we’re living in. It’s literally impossible to purchase a graphics card right now.

Upgraded my personal infrastructure with a Linksys WRT3200ACM running .
Configured only a 5 GHz (no 2.4 GHz) WiFi for now.

So far the performance is pretty good. speedtest.net/result/114650160

Just set up in order to balance across multiple VPN connections. Next I’ll be adding my Netgear Nighthawk M2 as an additional WAN gateway for LTE failover.

Will update my infrastructure page (xn--gckvb8fzb.com/infrastructu) with all the details soon.

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