Sugar is the low-income people’s cocaine.


Annoyed of all this hatred towards cryptocurrencies. If only people would spend half the time they hate on Bitcoin on learning how conventional financial systems and institutions screw them over on a daily basis... oh well.

Opposing decentralized technologies (of any kind) in times like these means actively helping unfree/undemocratic and maybe even oppressive systems stay in power.

There seems to be no way to move my main communication over to @matrix but still keep using as a client. :-( I was hoping the Matrix-IRC bridge might be able to facilitate that, unfortunately it won’t do E2EE.

I’ve been using so much that I’m browsing my zsh history for ssh hosts to test something on and I cannot find a single one. And my HISTSIZE equals to 100000.

the MNT Reform Operator Handbooks are here. a big thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

What paid independent journalists do you subscribe to and therefore could recommend?


Haha! This kind of mockery is what these spineless human beings deserve.

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It’s a beautiful day to destroy Wall Street!


In the light of recent events I would like to draw everyone’s attention away from the fact that (the company and management) is Wall Street’s bit.. err, puppet and point out that neither Wall Street nor its management could have pulled of blocking $GME et al. without an army of spineless developers/engineers, that had the chance to do good by standing up and leaving, but instead decided to screw over everyone and implement the actual code and config.

Oh my, this is hilarious! Big capital going poof due to a bunch of reddit memelords. Holy moly, if they continue like this they might have a real chance to fsck up Wallstreet really good.

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ea/bosch_headunit_root: Documentation and code for rooting and extending a Bosch car head unit (lcn2kai)

fury & anger 

MacBook displays are the worst.

This is awesome, haha! r/wallstreetbets just screwed with every short-seller trading GameStop.

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