In other news, I’m currently building a DigitalOcean provisioner for and managed to complete the first milestone:

Spinning up a DigitalOcean droplet and have tests running there.

What’s still missing is shutting it back down.
This way I’m only paying for infrastructure when I’m actually using it.

My work on is made available here:

I’ve already posted on, however I don’t expect people to be overly interested in this and hence I don’t believe it will make its way upstream. (:

Looks like shutdowns also work now. Will begin documenting the setup so it becomes usable.

For comparison the same manifest run on

Instance startup on @sir’s environment is obviously a lot quicker. For the previous test I was using the weakest droplet type available on DO, though.

However, assuming that each build takes up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds, using the DO provisioner makes sense for up to 714 builds per month, because (with DO’s current pricing) it will be cheaper to launch a $5 instance for each build job rather than keep an always-on runner around for 24/7. Not to mention that the $5 instance is very unlikely to be able to run multiple jobs, requiring to keep >1 $5 runners around.

All in all the provisioner can achieve some solid savings in cost and energy.

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