Haha! This kind of mockery is what these spineless human beings deserve.

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This is awesome, haha! r/wallstreetbets just screwed with every short-seller trading GameStop.

Ah! Now I remember why I don’t usually comment on things on the internet.

Just published the GitHub repository of , a RSS aggregator and (some day) replacement for Feedly.

It’s a development preview and definitely not something that works reliably yet, but it’s already possible to connect to it via Reeder (macOS/iOS) and sync feeds.

My still sucks without a steamer at hand. The taste is nevertheless top notch. :)

I just found this (paid) Safari extension that automagically turns on a browser “dark mode” and also renders all images as black & white. That’s pretty dope.

Drove from Porto to Lisbon on Saturday at 1am, boarded a flight to Amsterdam 4 hours later, hopped on another flight to Panama City, where I woke up to this today.

How was your weekend?

I just took the example from Drew DeVault’s blog post and ran it side-by-side to the HTTP counterpart. In terms of request complexity both requests are identical. As for the responses, HTTP could be stripped of a couple of headers to make it more lightweight while still respecting the protocol – and obviously the HTML content is what’s the key difference.

So, no, Gemini browsers aren’t exactly lightweighter because of the protocol, they are because they don’t need to render/run HTML & CSS & JS.

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“Apple stores all regulatory body certifications digitally for iPhones sold in the US, resulting in a clean look. Many Android OEMs do the same, but the EU requires smartphones to bear a CE marking, along with an indication that the device cannot be recycled.”

I’m astonished by the EU’s track-record to successfully rain on everyone’s parade, no matter whether it’s environmental protection, privacy, innovation or – as it turns out – even just design.

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