There seems to be no way to move my main communication over to @matrix but still keep using as a client. :-( I was hoping the Matrix-IRC bridge might be able to facilitate that, unfortunately it won’t do E2EE.

I’ve been using so much that I’m browsing my zsh history for ssh hosts to test something on and I cannot find a single one. And my HISTSIZE equals to 100000.

@somnius @neauoire @tehn “some” people explicitly pick Matrix over Slack in order to not have all their conversations on American corporate servers. How about removing the bridge and instead encrypting the channel?

@fribbledom will humanity ever be able to proof Goldbach’s conjecture?

@solene I just opened the link on your website and read the first few comments. :) Afterwards I just ddged “kerbal space program redshell” and found plenty of info on it.

If you managed to jail/firewall all that, cool! Maybe add a note nevertheless and link how to do it? :)

@solene Kerbal Space Program seems to be really terrible in terms of spyware.

@ritualdust check ACRONYM and Demobaza, they’re from Europe though.

the MNT Reform Operator Handbooks are here. a big thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

@neauoire won’t matter anymore as soon as we became a type I civilization.

What paid independent journalists do you subscribe to and therefore could recommend?


Haha! This kind of mockery is what these spineless human beings deserve.

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It’s a beautiful day to destroy Wall Street!

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