Enthusiasm. A wonderful feeling.

Children can be enthusiastic about anything pretty much throughout the day. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. They literally can pick up a cool looking leaf and imagine a whole new world within it.

Most adults have lost that function. Or in fact, we were robbed off of it. Through discipline, education, lectures, punishments, restrains, conditional love.

Children aren’t adults with missing parts. Adults are broken children.

Why am I even bringing bad tweets to this haven. Not worth wasting anybody's time and even mine on that.

I want Kyoto to be car less at least once a week (sundays?). I think I want people (especially kids) to realize how good life would be if we didn’t have to constantly watch out for our life.

Found a vegan restaurant I like near my son's new school and I am so happy, it was so good, like so so good. I never like vegan restaurants. That one though love veggies, they do wonderful things with them. No carnist-wannabe bs patties and so son. Just regular seasonal veggies with a lot of flavors. Dog bless. Kyoto isn't drowning in options sadly so this is a real feelgood find.

My son woke up this morning and looked at the sky through the window for a while. He was suddenly hit by an epiphany, he said “dad, look at the sky! The clouds are moving! It’s so beautiful”. This has kept me smiling the whole day, pretty much haha.

If words could be healed so they’d get their full meaning & power again, which one would you “heal” first?

I don’t know how not to be political when friends or coworkers discuss the latest burger joint.

Scratch that. I just don’t know how not to be political.

How are boxing, MMA and all sorts of fighting (including shooting and hunting) considered sports? I never could get it.

Not that I hold any other sports on a pedestal but clearly violent fights including the murder of animals shouldn’t be mixed with tennis and badminton, no?

« J'ai secoué la sueur et le soleil. J'ai compris que j'avais détruit l'équilibre du jour, le silence exceptionnel d'une plage où j'avais été heureux. Alors, j'ai tiré encore quatre fois sur un corps inerte où
les balles s'enfonçaient sans qu'il y parût. Et c'était comme quatre coups
brefs que je frappais sur la porte du malheur. »

Camus, L’étranger. Macabre mais puissante conclusion de la première partie du livre. C’est beau…

Positive reinforcement: process by which we communicate to the child “whatever you just did is not worth doing if not for the reward, the tender word or gesture. Synonym: manipulation.”

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Extrinsic inducement: bizarre faith that people cannot be motivated by the task itself but need external compensations for doing so. It is told some people give cash to children who read a book. Some pay them in slices of pizza. Everything is a job.

The recipe to make an adult 


Pardon me for I had to use the language and the perspective of the master.

There's a product called Freedom out there and that's the copy on one of their landing page. That's the toot.

not for adults 

That last image of the almost dead is in this excellent book called “Les enfants d’abord” from Christiane Rochefort but sadly don’t think it was ever localized in English.

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Unlike women and minorities who at least could ask loud enough to be heard, we do not see children as oppressed. But they are. And they also are the most silent among the oppressed for they have no rights and no voice. And the worst of all is we’ve all been children. Oppressing children is a traitor crime. It’s the ex child murdering the new child, not until they’re dead but almost dead. Just the right amount of dead so they can do it again when it’s their turn.

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It’s a bad outlook on life when family is not (seen as) a nurturing ecosystem but a complicit producer of domesticated human workers. So are schools, juvenile prisons, summer camps, Boy Scouts, any institution which business is turning raw material called child into the better and finished version of us called adult.

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All the good will on earth won’t change the fact that in a western and modern society, parents and children aren’t equals. We do not start in life as a person connecting with another person. Most of us connect as the oppressed. The centrifugal force of society and our families oppress us and adult us into obedience. Most families aren’t loving but working for a Project. And yes the project is to use hands and mine brains.

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If you took a better look at parental love and removed everything that isn’t really love, what remains?

Care, protection… all these things we’ve been taught to consider as love, are they really love or parents meeting basic moral expectations?

If my voice isn’t heard, that I am not an equal in rights, that I cannot feed myself, that I can’t free myself, that I rely on all authorities around me to do anything, am I actually in a position to love?

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When this is established as truth and you find yourself out in the world with nothing but confusion about your feelings for your parents… how can you not feel guilty? If filial love is natural, and my parents didn’t beat me, no they fed me, said I love you a few times, why am I such a monster for not loving them in return?

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