Been meaning to write to my mum. 10 drafts later, I still cannot press “Send”. I just can’t. I can’t find the right words. I can’t say it in any other way but one that’ll start a fight.

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The core elements of a people-focused (as opposed to a community-focused) social network are subscribing to people for content and interacting with their content. Atom (and RSS) feeds already provide “subscription” functionality; what if we went further?

Atom feeds can serve as the foundation for distributed social media. The OStatus protocol suite describes how Salmon, ActivityStreams, and threading extensions can turn an Atom feed into a “social media feed” that people can interact with. Throw in WebSub for real-time push-based updates. This OStatus + WebSub system was the precursor to the current ActivityPub-based Fediverse.

The IndieWeb has similar concepts. The IndieWeb community uses microformats for metadata, including the h-feed feed format. It also uses Webmentions for interaction between sites.

Just out of curiosity, I implemented everything except for the Salmon protocol and WebSub. I prefer Webmentions to Salmon, though extensions to the former seem to overlap with the latter. I’ve tried and failed to get WebSub working in the past; I might have to run my own hub (perhaps using the websub-server Go package).

The best part of this approach is the simplicity. Besides a Webmention receiver and a WebSub hub, all you need is a static server to deliver markup files. A separate program on your machine (i.e. not necessarily your server) can ping your WebSub hub and send Webmentions; I happen to like the command-line program Pushl. Once all the pieces come together, you start to wonder why we let social media companies flourish instead of lowering the barrier to join something like the IndieWeb. This is what the Web is made for.

I wrote more about this site’s social features in a section of the site design page.

#POSSE note from

How do you talk to or feel about people who answer the mainstream by the occult and shades of obscurantism?

Have a few people around me who are well-intentioned and loving but seem to trap their mind in layers of "nature is pure and good", "elevate your consciousness", "crystals will save you", "water heals everything".

I guess we never see ourselves leave an ideology for another. We think we free ourselves but what we really do sometimes is change prison cells.

I started The One-Straw Revolution; I wish my Japanese was good enough to read the original version, I feel like the French version doesn’t do it justice. I think it was translated from the US version…

“Et, comme dit Ionesco, je n'enseigne pas, j'invente. J'invente un poste de peur en ce vaste monde qui fout le camp.”

- Sony Labou Tansi, La Vie et demie, P6 (Avertissement)

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“J'ose renvoyer le monde entier à l'espoir, et comme l'espoir peut provoquer des sauts de viande, j'ai cruellement choisi de paraître comme une seconde version de l'humain — pas la dernière bien entendu — pas la meilleure — simplement la différente. Des amis m'ont dit : "Je ne saurai jamais pourquoi j'écris." Moi par contre je sais: j'écris pour qu'il fasse peur en moi.”

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“Moi qui vous parle de l'absurdité de l'absurde, moi qui inaugure l'absurdité du désespoir — d'où voulez-vous que je parle sinon du dehors ? À une époque où l'homme est plus que jamais résolu à tuer la vie, comment voulez-vous que je parle sinon en chaîr-mots-de-passe ?”

obese cruise ship, at your own risk, venting 

It came to my attention that a new obese necrophile cruise ship named Wonder of the Seas started operating this season in the Caribbean.

I saw its picture. Then I learned it makes a pit stop in Haiti and I cried.

Yet another reminder Babylon manage to invent hell in all possible dimensions for these people. It never ever fucking stop.

This is where Black Lives Matter is beautiful and inspiring. Afro-americans realizing that the system around them can counter every other move and has now turned into fractals, and fight on values not just for Black lives but for every life.

Side note: fighting the techno-beast may require us less "doing" and more "running away". It's important for me to mention "Wisdom of the Lianas" again because my optimism is engorged by acknowledging the path that Cimarrons carved for us.

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Public note: destroying, exploiting, enslaving are not logically wrong.

They are ethically wrong, meaning, my ethos defines how I think of those things.

I do not want to make the mistake of thinking we are scientifically right because "science" is by definition an effort of observation and not one of prescription.

This is a fight on values, not on truth.

I'm experimenting a different post format (in english this time) that I'm calling "fragments" but really it's a way to circumvent calling it diary or logbook because these terms embed (imo) a notion of commitment and that scares me a little:

My 5 years old keep calling people “humans” and it makes sense why he would call us that way. We call the local deers “the deers” too. See, I think until now he doesn’t see in humans anything special enough to justify another taxonomy. My son teaches me everyday and I love him.

nonsensical startup BS 

Seen in the wild: a startup incorporated 20 days ago, backed by a Microsoft startup program in Japan that aims to develop "AI assistants that support relationships and love affairs".

"We want to create the world where everyone feels supported, loved, and meaningful, by providing the best AI-assistant."

That's not how any of this works really...

quibbling over semantic 

You will admit "ecology" is a strange word behind which we attempt to rally up the forces of the living. Ecology as "the home" sends us back to the idea our world is detached from us, that it exists *for* us. Ecology presumes we could exist in space or on another planet. That this story could repeat again.

So much has happened to me since we last spoke.

But what has happened *to* me is insignificant compared to what has happened *in* me.

Last night I cried but I wasn't sad. I have so much to talk about. So much to tell you. Where should I even start...

I should grow my thoughts in a digital garden rather than on a timeline. I'll stick around, but I'll be there.

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The increasing slicing up of time into smaller and smaller pieces, until all one is left with is a nano-second of time, not enough to ever feel informed.

When we hear “earth”, what do we see? A blue planet in a black endless night. We see earth from the perspective of the extra terrestrial. Maybe because we don’t live on it anymore.

It’s a thought I’m stealing from Denetem Touam Bona in La Sagesse des Lianes. I think about it a lot these days.

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