Hi Merveilles! Nice to be here.

I’m a software designer and tech explorer. I live near Kurama in Kyoto, Japan. Surrounded by mountains and insects. I also have two children and I love playing games (with or without them).

I want to be a better person.

@mx3m welcome! I miss Japan already :<, got so used to the wildlife there. Tobi in the sky, mukade on the ground~

@rek Thank you! I always miss something about Japan when I'm not here... I know many with similar symptoms, we are not alone 😅 I will never get used to mukade though. I think they're very scary 😱

@mx3m Welcome to Merveilles! It's always exciting when new people join. Looking forward to learning about your tech exploration :)

@neauoire Been following your and @rek and Pino's journey for a while! I devoured your logbook transcripts. I'm really happy you made it safe and also I guess... congratulations to you both 😉

@mx3m Welcome! Is your Kurama the one with the giant Tengu nose? I climbed the mountain and went done by Kibune a few years ago and that was one of my favorite places in Japan. :tealheart:

@thomasorus yes correct! I don’t live there but 4 local stations away (towards Kyoto city) love this place too

@mx3m welcome! daiskee nihon!

I googled Kurama and it shows me the nine-tails of Naruto.

Kurama looks beautiful

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